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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday # 3: Top Ten Favorite Characters in Urban Fantasy

Top Ten Tuesdays is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Each week they present a topic, and bloggers like me wrack their brains to come up with a list.  Well, maybe I'm the only one who wracks her brain.  :)  This week's topic - Top Ten Favorite Characters in "X" Genre!

As usual, these are in no special order.

1)  Rachel Morgan (The Hollows,  Kim Harrison) ~ What can I say about Rachel?  She is amazingly awesome.

2)  Mercy Thompson (Mercedes Thompson,  Patricia Briggs) ~  As I mentioned in a recent Waiting on Wednesday, Mercy is one of my favorite characters.  She has developed over the course of several books, and I continue to look forward to her adventures.

3)  Atticus O'Sullivan - and Oberon (Iron Druid Chronicles,  Kevin Hearne) ~  One might think that a 2,100 year-old druid might be boring or stuffy.  Nope.  Atticus freaking rocks.  The conversations between Oberon and Atticus often made me laugh out loud.

4)  Joanne Baldwin (Weather Warden,  Rachel Caine) ~ Another series that I enjoyed very much.  Joanne went through SO much, and I admired her strength...and her fun powers!

5)  Harry Dresden (The Dresden Files,  Jim Butcher) ~  Ah, Harry.  Chicago's only professional wizard.  So much can be said about him.  I. Love. Harry. Dresden.  The man has been through many, many unspeakable things, and yet he sticks to his convictions.  They may have shifted a bit, but he hangs in there.

6)  Karrin Murphy (The Dresden Files,  Jim Butcher) ~  A "mere" mortal who becomes friends with a very magical man. Karrin may be tiny, but she kicks some serious ass.  She's been there for Harry through quite a lot, and their friendship has been a bright spot in some dark times during the series.

7)  Alex Jarvis (The Grigori Legacy,  Linda Poitevin) ~  At first, Alex was a bit hesitant about what was happening, but she has since embraced the strangeness and fought as hard as she could for the survival of the human race.  I can't wait to see what happens next!

8)  Joanne Walker (The Walker Papers,  C.E. Murphy) ~ Joanne is another (initially) reluctant heroine, but she has stepped up and shown strength many didn't believe she had.  With each book she grows even more, which is a fantastic thing in my opinion.

9)  Charley Davidson (Charley Davidson,  Darynda Jones) ~ Which brings us to the Grim Reaper with attitude.  Charley is a nice change of pace from most heroes and heroines - she's known about her ability most of her life.  More importantly, she's embraced it.  To see what Charley sees when someone passes through her would take a lot of strength, which she has.  She's also got attitude, which makes her loads of fun!

10)  Elena Michaels, Clayton Danvers...just about every character in the series (Women of the Otherworld,  Kelley Armstrong) ~ An amazing series all the way from Bitten through Thirteen.  Every single book had strong characters that you either loved or hated - or both.  *wink*

I have laughed, cheered, screamed, and cried with all of these characters over many books (and many years).  They are truly some of the best out there.

 Do we have any in common?  Who should I have on this list?  <3


  1. Love your list, although most of these novels are still on my tbr except for Dresden and Davidson series. Great picks, I hope I will time to read them soon. :)
    Dragana @ Bookworm Dreams
    My top ten favorite characters

  2. I haven't read any of those, but they all sound like awesome characters! Great list :)

    Here's my Top Ten!

  3. Love your list! I also love Rachel Morgan and Mercy Thompson. I haven't read the other books yet. Hounded is in my TBR pile.

    Love your blog design!

  4. OMG I love your blog design, did you DIY?

    My Top Ten Tuesday post.

    Have a lovely week :D